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Terence Doyle - Terence Doyle started out as a teacher - English, in secondary schools in France, Canada and England (including a charming girl's boarding school in Kent) - then moved on to PR and the travel industry for a few years before exchanging regular employment for the precarious life as a freelance pen.

Trading on his travel work, he sallied around the globe for ten years writing stories for national newspapers, mainly The Times, and national magazines.

Much as he enjoyed the first class travel to and presidential suites in places as diverse as Chongqing, China and Cartagena, Columbia he tired somewhat of always being away and thought his various relationships might benefit from a slightly less transitory way of life. He also thought that there must be something more important in life than finding the world's best hotel / beach / wave / bar / whatever. (Extraordinary, of course, but he was actually that naive.)

In search of greater fulfilment he launched himself into the film business as a script writer, with a reasonable degree of success - well, at least he experiences a sense of well-being at the Cannes Film Festival each year. And it was during a lull in Cannes, when he was enjoying a beverage by the sea and pondering why he was in a kind of paradise on his own, once again, that he decided it might have something to do with a breakdown of communication between the sexes and began to write His / Her Words of Love. MORE INFO

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