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Robert Graves

a.k.a. Robert von Ranke Graves

Author Code: ERGV

Born: Jul. 24, 1895 - Wimbledon, England

Died: Dec. 7, 1985 - Deia, Majorca, Spain

Educated at St. John's College, Oxford, Graves left school and enlisted in the army at the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Graves took part in the battle of the Somme where he was seriously wounded. He had become close friends with Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen and became one of the first poets to write war experience poems, publishing his first book, Over the Brazier, in 1916. In 1917, he published Fairies and Fusiliers, many poems of which celebrated his friendship with Sassoon. Graves married Nancy Nicholson in 1918 and after the war he returned to school to finish his interrupted education. In 1926, he met the American poet Laura Riding and the two became romantically involved. He left his wife in 1927 and subsequently moved to Majorca in Spain with Riding. In 1929, he published Goodbye to All That, an autobiographical work that angered some of his friends, not least of which was Sassoon. Together with Riding, he founded the publishing house Selzin Press and Epilogue magazine. In 1934, he published the work that would bring him international fame and fortune, I, Claudius. He fled Spain during the Civil War and settled in America. Riding left him in 1939 and he returned to Majorca after the war with his new lover, Beryl Hodge. Graves was a prolific author and published over 140 books. From 1961 to 1966, he was Professor of Poetry at Oxford and in 1968 was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry. Beginning in the 1970's, Graves was suffering from senility and became more of a recluse and his output declined. His works include Goliath and David (1917), Treasure Box (1920), Whipperginny (1923), Poems (1925), To Whom Else? (1931), No More Ghosts (1940), The Penny Fiddle (1961), Man Does, Woman Is (1964), One Hard Look (1965), Beyond Giving (1969), The Green-Sailed Vessel (1971), At the Gate (1974) and New Collected Poems (1977).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
ERGV011 The Absentee Fusilier 1972 4 164k Article Download PDF - 'The Absentee Fusilier' (ERGV011)   Download ePub - 'The Absentee Fusilier' (ERGV011) Find a printed copy of The Absentee Fusilier by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV002 Country Sentiment
  Advice to Lovers
  After the Play
  The "Alice Jean"
  Apples and Water
  Baloo Loo for Jenny
  The Beacon
  The Boy Out of Church
  Brittle Bones
  Country at War
  The Cupboard
  To E.M. - A Ballad of Nursery Rhyme
  A First Review
  A Frosty Night
  Ghost Raddled
  Give Us Rain
  The God Called Poetry
  Hate Not, Fear Not
  Hawk and Buckle
  Here They Lie
  The Leveller
  Loving Henry
  Manticor in Arabia
  Nebuchadnezzar's Fall
  Neglectful Edward
  Nine O'clock
  The Picture Book
  Pot and Kettle
  The Promised Lullaby
  Retrospect: The Jests of the Clock
  A Rhyme of Friends
  Rocky Acres
  A Song for Two Children
  Song: One Hard Look
  Sospan Fach
  The Three Drinkers
  Thunder at Night
  Tom Taylor
  True Johnny
  Vain and Careless
  The Voice of Beauty Drowned
  The Well-dressed Children
1920 54 264k eBook Download PDF - 'Country Sentiment' (ERGV002)   Download ePub - 'Country Sentiment' (ERGV002) Find a printed copy of Country Sentiment by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV012 The Dedicated Poet 1961 14 194k eBook Download PDF - 'The Dedicated Poet' (ERGV012)   Download ePub - 'The Dedicated Poet' (ERGV012) Find a printed copy of The Dedicated Poet by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV001 Fairies and Fusiliers
  The Assault Heroic
  The Bough of Nonsense
  A Boy in Church
  The Caterpillar
  A Child's Nightmare
  Corporal Stare
  The Cottage
  The Cruel Moon
  A Dead Boche
  Dead Cow Farm
  Double Red Daisies
  Free Verse
  Goliath and David
  I Wonder What it Feels like to Be Drowned?
  I'd Love to Be a Fairy's Child
  In the Wilderness
  John Skelton
  The Lady Visitor in the Pauper Ward
  The Last Post
  Letter to S.S. from Mametz Wood
  Love and Black Magic
  To Lucasta on Going to the War--for the Fourth Time
  Mr. Philosopher
  The Next War
  Not Dead
  An Old Twenty-third Man
  A Pinch of Salt
  The Poet in the Nursery
  To Robert Nichols
  The Shivering Beggar
  Sorley's Weather
  The Spoilsport
  Strong Beer
  Two Fusiliers
  To an Ungentle Critic
  When I'm Killed
1917 49 264k eBook Download PDF - 'Fairies and Fusiliers' (ERGV001)   Download ePub - 'Fairies and Fusiliers' (ERGV001) Find a printed copy of Fairies and Fusiliers by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV013 The Galileo of Mares' Nest 1924 4 172k eBook Download PDF - 'The Galileo of Mares' Nest' (ERGV013)   Download ePub - 'The Galileo of Mares' Nest' (ERGV013) Find a printed copy of The Galileo of Mares' Nest by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV008 Juana Ines de la Cruz 1953 7 151k Article Download PDF - 'Juana Ines de la Cruz' (ERGV008)   Download ePub - 'Juana Ines de la Cruz' (ERGV008) Find a printed copy of Juana Ines de la Cruz by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV003 The Lost Chinese 1959 13 212k eBook Download PDF - 'The Lost Chinese' (ERGV003)   Download ePub - 'The Lost Chinese' (ERGV003) Find a printed copy of The Lost Chinese by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV009 Mammon 1964 11 205k eBook Download PDF - 'Mammon' (ERGV009)   Download ePub - 'Mammon' (ERGV009) Find a printed copy of Mammon by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV017 Moral Principles in Translation 1962 12 197k eBook Download PDF - 'Moral Principles in Translation' (ERGV017)   Download ePub - 'Moral Principles in Translation' (ERGV017) Find a printed copy of Moral Principles in Translation by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV004 Over the Brazier
  The Adventure
  Big Words
  The Dead Fox Hunter
  The Dying Knight and the Fauns
  The Face of the Heavens
  The First Funeral
  Free Verse
  Ghost Music
  I Hate the Moon
  In the Wilderness
  It's a Queer Time
  Jolly Yellow Moon
  The Morning Before the Battle
  Oh, and Oh!
  Over the Brazier
  The Poet in the Nursery
  The Shadow of Death
  The Trenches
  Youth and Folly
1920 26 214k eBook Download PDF - 'Over the Brazier' (ERGV004)   Download ePub - 'Over the Brazier' (ERGV004) Find a printed copy of Over the Brazier by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV005 The Pier-Glass
  Black Horse Lane
  Catherine Drury
  The Coronation Murder
  Distant Smoke
  The Finding of Love
  Fox's Dingle
  The Gnat
  The Hills of May
  The Kiss
  Kit Logan and Lady Helen
  Lost Love
  The Magical Picture
  Morning Phoenix
  The Patchwork Bonnet
  The Pier-Glass
  Raising the Stone
  Saul of Tarsus
  The Stake
  Storm: at the Farm Window
  The Treasure Box
  The Troll's Nosegay
1921 34 232k eBook Download PDF - 'The Pier-Glass' (ERGV005)   Download ePub - 'The Pier-Glass' (ERGV005) Find a printed copy of The Pier-Glass by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV015 Poems 1938-1945
  Apollo of the Physiologists
  At the Savoy Chapel
  The Beach
  The Beast
  Cold Weather Proverb
  Dawn Bombardment
  Death by Drums
  Despite and Still
  The Door
  Dream of A Climber
  The Eugenist
  Frightened Men
  Instructions to the Orphic Adept
  To Juan At the Winter Solstice
  Lament for Pasiphae
  Language of the Seasons
  A Love Story
  To Lucia At Birth
  Mid-Winter Waking
  The Oath
  The Oldest Soldier
  The Persian Version
  The Rock At the Corner
  She Tells Her Love While Half-Asleep
  The Shot
  To Sleep
  A Stranger At the Party
  The Suicide in the Copse
  Theseus and Ariadne
  The Thieves
  Through Nightmare
  The Twelve Days of Christmas
  Under the Pot
  The Villagers and Death
  The Weather of Olympus
  A Withering Herb
  The Worms of History
1946 46 212k eBook Download PDF - 'Poems 1938-1945' (ERGV015)   Download ePub - 'Poems 1938-1945' (ERGV015) Find a printed copy of Poems 1938-1945 by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV014 A Poet's Investigation of Science 1963 10 190k eBook Download PDF - 'A Poet's Investigation of Science' (ERGV014)   Download ePub - 'A Poet's Investigation of Science' (ERGV014) Find a printed copy of A Poet's Investigation of Science by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV016 The State of Poetry 1926 4 163k Article Download PDF - 'The State of Poetry' (ERGV016)   Download ePub - 'The State of Poetry' (ERGV016) Find a printed copy of The State of Poetry by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV010 Vehicles of Poetic Thought 1925 6 168k Article Download PDF - 'Vehicles of Poetic Thought' (ERGV010)   Download ePub - 'Vehicles of Poetic Thought' (ERGV010) Find a printed copy of Vehicles of Poetic Thought by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV018 What Is Bad Poetry? 1923 10 193k Article Download PDF - 'What Is Bad Poetry?' (ERGV018)   Download ePub - 'What Is Bad Poetry?' (ERGV018) Find a printed copy of What Is Bad Poetry? by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV006 Whipperginny
  Against Clock and Compasses
  To Any Saint
  The Avengers
  The Bedpost
  The Bowl and Rim
  Children of Darkness
  Christmas Eve
  On Christopher Marlowe
  A Crusader
  A Dewdrop
  The Dialecticians
  An English Wood
  A False Report
  A Fight to the Death
  A Forced Music
  "The General Elliot!"
  Henry and Mary
  A History of Peace
  An Idyll of Old Age
  In Procession
  Interlude: On Preserving a Poetical Formula
  The Lands of Whipperginny
  The Lord Chamberlain Tells of a Famous Meeting
  A Lover since Childhood
  The Manifestation in the Temple
  The Martyred Decadents: A Sympathetic Satire
  Mirror, Mirror!
  Motto to a Book of Emblems
  To My Collateral Ancestor, Rev. R. Graves
  A New Portrait of Judith of Bethulia
  Old Wives' Tales
  On the Poet's Birth
  The Red Ribbon Dream
  A Reversal
  Richard Roe and John Doe
  The Ridge-Top
  The Rock Below
  The Sewing Basket
  The Sibyl
  The Snake and the Bull
  Song in Winter
  Song of Contrariety
  Sullen Moods
  The Technique of Perfection
  The Turn of a Page
  Unicorn and the White Doe
  A Valentine
  "A Vehicle, to Wit, a Bicyle."
  A Village Conflict
  What Did I Dream?
1922 67 278k eBook Download PDF - 'Whipperginny' (ERGV006)   Download ePub - 'Whipperginny' (ERGV006) Find a printed copy of Whipperginny by Robert Graves at AbeBooks
ERGV007 The Whitaker Negroes 1955 10 196k Article Download PDF - 'The Whitaker Negroes' (ERGV007)   Download ePub - 'The Whitaker Negroes' (ERGV007) Find a printed copy of The Whitaker Negroes by Robert Graves at AbeBooks

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