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Richard Le Gallienne

a.k.a. Richard Thomas Gallienne

Author Code: ERLG

Born: Jan. 20, 1866 - Liverpool, England

Died: Sep. 15, 1947 - Menton, France

After a brief stint at a variety of odd jobs, Gallienne turned to writing and published his first book of verse, My Ladies' Sonnets and Other Vain and Amatorious Verses, in 1887. Over the next fifteen years, Gallienne worked as a literary secretary, journalist and magazine contributor. His first novel, Quest of the Golden Girl, appeared in 1896. In 1897, he married for the second time (his first wife having died in 1894), to Julie Norgaard, a Danish journalist. The couple had a daughter, Eva Le Gallienne, who became a well-known actress. The couple divorced after only three years. In 1903, Gallienne traveled to America where he hoped to earn his fame and fortune, but his works never had the impact he thought they would have. Unfortunately, Gallienne was born a century too late; his style being romantic in an era of modernity. By 1927, he had had enough of America and moved to Paris where he lived until 1935, when he moved to Menton. He was a prolific author and many of his works are beginning to be revived. They include The Religion of a Literary Man (1893), If I Were God (1897), The Worshipper of the Image (1900), Romances of Old France (1905), Attitudes and Avowals (1910), New Poems (1910), Vanishing Roads and Other Essays (1915), Pieces of Eight (1918), The Romance of Perfume (1928) and From a Paris Garret (1936).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
ERLG008 The Book-Bills of Narcissus 1895 47 313k eBook Download PDF - 'The Book-Bills of Narcissus' (ERLG008) Find a printed copy of The Book-Bills of Narcissus by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG011 English Poems
  Ad Cimmerios
  All Sung
  Beauty Accurst
  A Child's Evensong
  The City in Moonlight
  Comfort at Parting
  The Constant Lover
  Cor Cordium
  Corydon's Farewell to His Pipe
  To a Dead Friend
  Death in a London Lodging
  The Decadent to His Soul
  'The Desk's Dry Wood'
  The Destined Maid: a Prayer
  An Epitaph on a Goldfish
  Faery Gold
  A Frost Fancy
  Happy Letter
  The House of Venus
  In a Copy of Mr. Swinburne's Tristram of Lyonesse
  In Her Diary
  In the Night
  'Juliet and Her Romeo'
  A Library in a Garden
  A Love-Letter
  Matthew Arnold
  On the Morals of Poets
  To My Wife, Mildred
  Old Love-Letters
  Paolo and Francesca
  The Passionate Reader to His Poet
  To a Poet
  Primrose and Violet
  Saint Charles
  So Soon Tired!
  Sunset in the City
  'Tennyson' at the Farm
  Time Flies
  Two Parables
  What of the Darkness?
  With Some Old Love Verses
  The Wonder-Child
  The World Is Wide
  Young Love - A June Lily
  Young Love - A Lost Hour
  Young Love - But, Song, Arise Thee on a Greater Wing
  Young Love - Canst Thou Be True Across So Many Miles
  Young Love - Comfort of Dante
  Young Love - I Make this Rhyme of My Lady and Me
  Young Love - Love Afar
  Young Love - Love's Poor
  Young Love - Met Once More
  Young Love - NeverEver
  Young Love - Once
  Young Love - Orbits
  Young Love - Postscript
  Young Love - Prelude
  Young Love - Regret
  Young Love - The Day of the Two Daffodils
  Young Love - The Lamp and the Star
  Young Love - Why Did She Marry Him?
1895 84 269k eBook Download PDF - 'English Poems' (ERLG011) Find a printed copy of English Poems by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG013 A Jongleur Strayed
  After Tibullus
  Anima Mundi
  As in the Woodland I Walk
  At Her Feet
  At the Sign of the Lyre
  Ballade of Love's Cloister
  Ballade of Reading Bad Books
  Ballade of Running Away with Life
  Ballade of the Absent Guest
  Ballade of the Bees of Trebizond
  Ballade of the Dead Face That Never Dies
  Ballade of the Making of Songs
  Ballade of the Oldest Duel in the World
  Ballade of the Paid Puritan
  Ballade of the Unchanging Beloved
  Ballade of Woman
  Ballade to A Departing God
  To A Beautiful Old Lady
  Beauty's Wardrobe
  Broken Tryst
  The Broker of Dreams
  Buried Treasure
  To A Contemner of the Past
  Country Largesse
  The Door Ajar
  The Dryad
  An Echo From Horace
  The End of Laughter
  The Faithful Lover
  The Frozen Stream
  The Gardens of Adonis
  To the Golden Wife
  The Heart on the Sleeve
  The Immortal Gods
  In the City
  The Last Tryst
  The Long Purposes of God
  Love Eternal
  To the Love of Andre and Gwen
  The Loveliest Face and the Wild Rose
  A Lover's Universe
  Love's Arithmetic
  Love's Proud Farewell
  Love's Tenderness
  To Lucy Hinton: December 19, 1921
  To Madame Jumel
  The Magic Flower
  Man, the Destroyer
  May is Back
  To A Mountain Spring
  Nature the Healer
  The New Husbandman
  Not Sour Grapes
  An Old Love Letter
  The Overworked Ghost
  Paths That Wind . . .
  Primum Mobile
  The Quarrel
  A Rainy Day
  The Rival
  The Rose Has Left the Garden
  The Rose in Winter
  Satan: 1920
  The Song That Lasts
  The Source
  Tobacco Next
  Too Late
  Two Birthdays
  Under Which King . . . ?
  The Valiant Girls
  The Valley
  A Warning
  We Are with France
  Winter Magic
  The World's Musqueteer: to Marshal Foch
1922 96 272k eBook Download PDF - 'A Jongleur Strayed' (ERLG013) Find a printed copy of A Jongleur Strayed by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG002 The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems
  The Afternoon Is Lonely for Your Face
  Ah! Did You Ever Hear the Spring
  All the Way
  All the Wide World Is but the Thought of You
  All the Words in All the World
  Alma Venus
  April Is in the World Again
  At Last I Got a Letter from the Dead
  August Moonlight
  Autumn Treasure
  A Ballad of the Kind Little Creatures
  Ballad of the Seven O'clock Whistle
  A Ballad of Too Much Beauty
  A Ballad of Woman
  To a Bird at Dawn
  For the Birthday of Edgar Allan Poe
  The Bloom upon the Grape
  Blue Flower
  The Country Gods
  The Dead Arose
  An Easter Hymn
  The End
  The Eyes That Come from Ireland
  A Face in a Book
  Face in the Tomb That Lies So Still
  Flos Aevorum
  The Friend
  Green Silence
  The Heart Unseen
  Her Eyes Are Bluebells Now
  Her Portrait Immortal
  How Fast the Year Is Going By
  I Crossed the Orchard Walking Home
  I Know Not in What Place
  I Meant to Do My Work To-day
  I Said- I Care Not
  I Thought, Before My Sunlit Twentieth Year
  In a Copy of Fitzgerald's "Omar"
  Lightnings May Flicker Round My Head
  The Lonely Dancer
  Love in Spain
  May Is Building Her House
  The Mystic Friends
  To One on a Journey
  For a Picture by Rose Cecil O'Neil
  To Ralph Waldo Emerson
  Richard Watson Gilder
  To a Rose
  The Shimmer of the Sound
  Singing Go I
  A Song of Singers
  Songs for Fragoletta
  Sore in Need Was I of a Faithful Friend
  Spring in the Paris Catacombs
  Spring's Promises
  Summer Going
  Summer Songs
  Time, Beauty's Friend
  When the Long Day Has Faded
  Who Was it Swept Against My Door
  To a Wild Bird
  Young Love
1913 86 299k eBook Download PDF - 'The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems' (ERLG002) Find a printed copy of The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG001 October Vagabonds 1911 48 308k eBook Download PDF - 'October Vagabonds' (ERLG001) Find a printed copy of October Vagabonds by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG014 Pieces of Eight 1917 126 522k eBook Download PDF - 'Pieces of Eight' (ERLG014) Find a printed copy of Pieces of Eight by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG012 Prose Fancies (First Series)
  Anarchy in A Library
  Apollo's Market
  The Apparition of Youth
  The Blessedness of Woman
  A Borrowed Sovereign
  A Conspiracy of Silence
  The Devils on the Needle
  The Eye of the Beholder
  Fractional Humanity
  The 'Genius' Superstition
  Good Bishop Valentine
  Irrelevant People
  Life in Inverted Commas
  The Measure of A Man
  The Pathetic Flourish
  The Philosophy of 'Limited Editions'
  A Plea for the Old Playgoer
  Poets and Publishers
  Sandra Belloni's Pinewood
  A Spring Morning
  A Tavern Night
  Transferable Lives
  Viragoes of the Brain
  White Soul
  The Woman's Half-profits
1894 60 335k eBook Download PDF - 'Prose Fancies (First Series)' (ERLG012) Find a printed copy of Prose Fancies (First Series) by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG007 Prose Fancies (Second Series)
  About the Securities
  The Answer of the Rose
  The Arbitrary Classification of Sex
  The Boom in Yellow
  Brown Roses
  The Burial of Romeo and Juliet
  Death and Two Friends [Play]
  The Donkey That Loved a Star
  The Dramatic Art of Life
  The Fallacy of a Nation
  The Great Merry-Go-Round
  The Greatness of Man
  Letter to an Unsuccessful Literary Man
  On Loving One's Enemies
  A Poet in the City
  A Seaport in the Moon
  A Seventh-Story Heaven
  Spring by Parcel Post
  Variations Upon Whitebait
1896 59 342k eBook Download PDF - 'Prose Fancies (Second Series)' (ERLG007) Find a printed copy of Prose Fancies (Second Series) by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG010 The Quest of the Golden Girl 1896 102 436k eBook Download PDF - 'The Quest of the Golden Girl' (ERLG010) Find a printed copy of The Quest of the Golden Girl by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG004 Robert Louis Stevenson, An Elegy and Other Poems Mostly Personal
  Alfred Tennyson
  The Animalcule on Man
  A Ballad of London
  Come, My Celia
  Faith Reborn
  If, after All ...!
  An Impression
  An Inscription
  Jenny Dead
  Love's Exchange
  Love's Landmarks
  Love's Wisdom
  My Books
  My Maiden Vote
  Natural Religion
  A New Year Letter
  O Golden Day! O Silver Night!
  An Ode to Spring
  Omar Khayyam
  On Mr. Gladstone's Retirement
  Paris Day by Day: a Familiar Epistle
  To a Poet
  Professor Minto
  Robert Louis Stevenson, an Elegy
  The Second Crucifixion
  To a Simple Housewife
  Spirit of Sadness
  Time's Monotone
1895 44 193k eBook Download PDF - 'Robert Louis Stevenson, An Elegy and Other Poems Mostly Personal' (ERLG004) Find a printed copy of Robert Louis Stevenson, An Elegy and Other Poems Mostly Personal by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG006 The Romance of Zion Chapel 1898 81 394k eBook Download PDF - 'The Romance of Zion Chapel' (ERLG006) Find a printed copy of The Romance of Zion Chapel by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG005 The Silk-Hat Soldier and Other Poems in Wartime
  To Belgium
  Christmas in War-time
  The Cry of the Little Peoples
  The Illusion of War
  The Rainbow
  The Silk-Hat Soldier
  "Soldier Going to the War"
1915 10 118k eBook Download PDF - 'The Silk-Hat Soldier and Other Poems in Wartime' (ERLG005) Find a printed copy of The Silk-Hat Soldier and Other Poems in Wartime by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG015 Vanishing Roads and Other Essays
  The Bible and the Butterfly
  Bulls in China-Shops
  A Christmas Meditation
  The English Countryside
  Forbes-Robertson: An Appreciation
  The Haunted Restaurant
  Imperishable Fiction
  The Lack of Imagination Among Millionaires
  The Last Call
  The Little Ghost in the Garden
  London - Changing and Unchanging
  The Man Behind the Pen
  The Many Faces - the One Dream
  A Memory of Frederic Mistral
  Modern Aids to Romance
  A Modern Saint Francis
  The Mystery of "Fiona Macleod"
  The New Pyramus and Thisbe
  An Old American Tow-path
  On Re-Reading Walter Pater
  The Passing Away of the Editor
  The Passing of Mrs. Grundy
  The Persecutions of Beauty
  The Psychology of Gossip
  The Snows of Yester-Year
  The Spirit of the Open
  Two Wonderful Old Ladies
  Vanishing Roads
  Woman As A Supernatural Being
1915 134 645k eBook Download PDF - 'Vanishing Roads and Other Essays' (ERLG015)   Download ePub - 'Vanishing Roads and Other Essays' (ERLG015) Find a printed copy of Vanishing Roads and Other Essays by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG003 The Worshipper of the Image 1900 46 227k eBook Download PDF - 'The Worshipper of the Image' (ERLG003) Find a printed copy of The Worshipper of the Image by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks
ERLG009 Young Lives 1899 129 555k eBook Download PDF - 'Young Lives' (ERLG009) Find a printed copy of Young Lives by Richard Le Gallienne at AbeBooks

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