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Banjo Paterson *

a.k.a. Andrew Barton Paterson

Author Code: OBJP

Born: Feb. 17, 1864 - Orange, New South Wales, Australia

Died: Feb. 5, 1941 - Sydney, Australia

Growing up in a rural setting in Australia, his works would later reflect this background. Educated at home by a governess, then at Sydney Grammar School, Paterson began his career as a law clerk and was later admitted to the bar in 1886. He used the pseudonym 'The Banjo' in some of his early contributions to the Bulletin and the name was permanently used by him. In 1895, he published The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses and became a literary celebrity. Later that year, while on holiday in Queensland he wrote Waltzing Matilda. During the Boer War, he acted as a war correspondent for both the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and later covered the Boxer Rebellion in China. He then became the editor of the Sydney Evening News from 1904 to 1906 and the Town and Country Journal from 1907 to 1908. During the First World War he served as an ambulance driver in France, but, dissatisfied with his inability to get to the front, returned to Australia and enlisted in the Remount Service, which provided horses for the Australian cavalry. He finally saw action in France and was wounded in 1916. He returned to Australia in 1919 and settled in Sydney, and became Australia's favourite son. He was a prolific author and adventurer. His works include Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Verses (1895), Old Bush Songs (1905), An Outback Marriage (1906), Saltbush Bill J. P. and Other Verses (1917), Three Elephant Power and Other Stories (1917), Collected Verse (1923), The Animals Noah Forgot (1933), Happy Dispatches (1934) and The Shearer's Colt (1936).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
OBJP006 The Animals Noah Forgot
  The Army Mules
  Australian Scenery
  Benjamin Bandicoot
  The Billy-Goat Overland
  Black Harry's Team
  Buffalo Country
  A Bush Lawyer
  A Change of Menu
  The Diggers
  A Dog's Mistake
  An Emu Hunt
  Flying Squirrels
  Frogs in Chorus
  Fur and Feathers
  High Explosive
  The Lung Fish
  Morgan's Dog
  Old Man Platypus
  Shearing with A Hoe
  The Silent Shearer
  Swingin' the Lead
  Weary Will
  The Weather Prophet
  White Cockatoos
  Why the Jackass Laughs
1933 32 169k eBook Download PDF - 'The Animals Noah Forgot' (OBJP006)   Download ePub - 'The Animals Noah Forgot' (OBJP006) Find a printed copy of The Animals Noah Forgot by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP007 Happy Dispatches 1934 88 446k eBook Download PDF - 'Happy Dispatches' (OBJP007)   Download ePub - 'Happy Dispatches' (OBJP007) Find a printed copy of Happy Dispatches by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP001 The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses
  The All Right 'Un
  The Amateur Rider
  Ambition and Art
  Been There Before
  Black Swans
  The Boss of the 'Admiral Lynch'
  A Bunch of Roses
  A Bush Christening
  A Bushman's Song
  Clancy of the Overflow
  Conroy's Gap
  The Daylight is Dying
  The Flying Gang
  Frying Pan's Theology
  The Geebung Polo Club
  The Great Calamity
  How Gilbert Died
  How M'Ginnis Went Missing
  How the Favourite Beat Us
  An Idyll of Dandaloo
  In Defence of the Bush
  In the Droving Days
  Jim Carew
  Johnson's Antidote
  Last Week
  The Man from Ironbark
  The Man from Snowy River
  The Man Who Was Away
  A Mountain Station
  Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve
  On Kiley's Run
  Only a Jockey
  The Open Steeplechase
  Our New Horse
  Over the Range
  Saltbush Bill
  Shearing at Castlereagh
  The Swagman's Rest
  Those Names
  The Travelling Post Office
  The Two Devines
  Under the Shadow of Kiley's Hill
  A Voice from the Town
  The Wind's Message
1895 88 291k eBook Download PDF - 'The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses' (OBJP001)   Download ePub - 'The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses' (OBJP001) Find a printed copy of The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP004 An Outback Marriage 1906 114 484k eBook Download PDF - 'An Outback Marriage' (OBJP004)   Download ePub - 'An Outback Marriage' (OBJP004) Find a printed copy of An Outback Marriage by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP002 Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Verses
  Anthony Considine
  Any Other Time
  The Ballad of the 'Calliope'
  By the Grey Gulf-water
  The City of Dreadful Thirst
  A Disqualified Jockey's Story
  Do They Know
  Driver Smith
  Father Riley's Horse
  Fed Up
  The First Surveyor
  Hard Luck
  Hay and Hell and Booligal
  "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"
  In the Stable
  It's Grand
  Johnny Boer
  The Last Parade
  The Last Trump
  Mulga Bill's Bicycle
  The Old Australian Ways
  The Old Timer's Steeplechase
  On the Trek
  Out of Sight
  The Passing of Gundagai
  The Pearl Diver
  Right in the Front of the Army
  Rio Grande's Last Race
  The Road to Gundagai
  The Road to Old Man's Town
  Saltbush Bill's Gamecock
  Saltbush Bill's Second Fight
  Santa Claus
  The Scotch Engineer
  Song of the Artesian Water
  Song of the Australians in Action
  Song of the Federation
  Song of the Future
  Tar and Feathers
  That V.C.
  There's Another Blessed Horse Fell Down
  A Walgett Episode
  The Wargeilah Handicap
  What Have the Cavalry Done
  With French to Kimberley
  With the Cattle
1895 82 275k eBook Download PDF - 'Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Verses' (OBJP002)   Download ePub - 'Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Verses' (OBJP002) Find a printed copy of Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Verses by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP008 Saltbush Bill, J.P. and Other Verses
  The Angel's Kiss
  An Answer to Various Bards
  As Long as Your Eyes are Blue
  A Ballad of Ducks
  Brumby's Run
  The Corner Man
  A Dream of the Melbourne Cup
  An Evening in Dandaloo
  Gilhooley's Estate
  The Gundaroo Bullock
  "In Re a Gentleman, One"
  Lay of the Motor-Car
  The Lost Drink
  The Maori's Wool
  The Matrimonial Stakes
  The Melting of the Snow
  The Mountain Squatter
  Mulligan's Mare
  The Mylora Elopement
  Not on It
  The Pannikin Poet
  The Protest
  The Reveille
  The Reverend Mullineux
  The Riders in the Stand
  The Road to Hogan's Gap
  Saltbush Bill on the Patriarchs
  Saltbush Bill, J.P.
  Santa Claus in the Bush
  The Scapegoat
  "Shouting" for a Camel
  A Singer of the Bush
  Song of the Pen
  Song of the Wheat
  The Story of Mongrel Grey
  Sunrise on the Coast
  Tommy Corrigan
  Waltzing Matilda
  When Dacey Rode the Mule
  The Wisdom of Hafiz
1917 75 249k eBook Download PDF - 'Saltbush Bill, J.P. and Other Verses' (OBJP008)   Download ePub - 'Saltbush Bill, J.P. and Other Verses' (OBJP008) Find a printed copy of Saltbush Bill, J.P. and Other Verses by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP005 The Shearer's Colt 1936 96 468k eBook Download PDF - 'The Shearer's Colt' (OBJP005)   Download ePub - 'The Shearer's Colt' (OBJP005) Find a printed copy of The Shearer's Colt by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks
OBJP003 Three Elephant Power and Other Stories
  The Amateur Gardener
  The Bullock
  The Cast-Iron Canvasser
  The Cat
  Concerning A Dog-fight
  Concerning A Steeplechase Rider
  Dan Fitzgerald Explains
  The Dog - As A Sportsman
  The Dog
  The Downfall of Mulligan's
  His Masterpiece
  The Merino Sheep
  The Oracle
  Sitting in Judgment
  Thirsty Island
  Three Elephant Power
  Victor Second
1917 55 299k eBook Download PDF - 'Three Elephant Power and Other Stories' (OBJP003)   Download ePub - 'Three Elephant Power and Other Stories' (OBJP003) Find a printed copy of Three Elephant Power and Other Stories by Banjo Paterson * at AbeBooks

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