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Author Code: CGAS

Born: 6th cent. BC (?) - Greece (?)

Died: 6th Cent. BC (?) - Greece (?)

It is not known whether Aesop actually lived and many feel that he was simply a legendary figure. The first known "fables" by Aesop were produced by Demetrius Phalareus some time in the 4th century BC. The Fables have influenced many of the later fabulists, such as La Fontaine, and have laid the foundation for many of our more modern fairy tales.

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
CGAS001 Fables
  The Aethiop
  The Ant and the Dove
  The Ants and the Grasshopper
  The Apes and the Two Travelers
  The Ass and His Driver
  The Ass and His Masters
  The Ass and His Purchaser
  The Ass and His Shadow
  The Ass and the Charger
  The Ass and the Frogs
  The Ass and the Grasshopper
  The Ass and the Horse
  The Ass and the Lapdog
  The Ass and the Mule
  The Ass and the Old Shepherd
  The Ass and the Wolf
  The Ass Carrying the Image
  The Ass in the Lion's Skin
  The Ass, the Cock and the Lion
  The Ass, The Fox and the Lion
  The Astronomer
  The Bald Knight
  The Bald Man and the Fly
  The Bat and the Weasels
  The Bear and the Fox
  The Bear and the Two Travelers
  The Bee and Jupiter
  The Belly and the Members
  The Birdcatcher, the Partridge and the Cock
  The Birds, the Beasts and the Bat
  The Bitch and Her Whelps
  The Blind Man and the Whelp
  The Boasting Traveller
  The Bowman and Lion
  The Boy and the Filberts
  The Boy and the Nettles
  The Boy Bathing
  The Boy Hunting Locusts
  The Boys and the Frogs
  The Brazier and His Dog
  The Brother and the Sister
  The Buffoon and the Countryman
  The Bull and the Calf
  The Bull and the Goat
  The Bull, the Lioness and the Wild-Boar Hunter
  The Camel and Jupiter
  The Camel and the Arab
  The Camel
  The Cat and the Birds
  The Cat and the Cock
  The Cat and the Mice
  The Cat and Venus
  The Charcoal-Burner and the Fuller
  The Charger and the Miller
  The Cobbler Turned Doctor
  The Cock and the Jewel
  The Crab and Its Mother
  The Crab and the Fox
  The Crow and Mercury
  The Crow and the Pitcher
  The Crow and the Raven
  The Crow and the Serpent
  The Crow and the Sheep
  The Dancing Monkeys
  The Doe and the Lion
  The Dog and the Cook
  The Dog and the Hare
  The Dog and the Oyster
  The Dog and the Shadow
  The Dog in the Manger
  The Dog, the Cock and the Fox
  The Dogs and the Fox
  The Dogs and the Hides
  The Dog's House
  The Dolphins, the Whales and the Sprat
  The Dove and the Crow
  The Eagle and His Captor
  The Eagle and the Arrow
  The Eagle and the Fox
  The Eagle and the Jackdaw
  The Eagle and the Kite
  The Eagle, the Cat and the Wild Sow
  The Farmer and His Sons
  Farmer and the Cranes
  The Farmer and the Fox
  The Farmer and the Snake
  The Farmer and the Stork
  The Father and His Sons
  The Father and His Two Daughters
  The Fawn and His Mother
  The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle
  The Fir Tree and the Bramble
  The Fisherman and His Nets
  The Fisherman and the Little Fish
  The Fisherman Piping
  The Fishermen
  The Flea and the Man
  The Flea and the Ox
  The Flea and the Wrestler
  The Flies and the Honey-Pot
  The Fly and the Draught-Mule
  The Fowler and the Viper
  The Fox and the Bramble
  The Fox and the Crane
  The Fox and the Crow
  The Fox and the Goat
  The Fox and the Grapes
  The Fox and the Hedgehog
  The Fox and the Leopard
  The Fox and the Lion (1)
  The Fox and the Lion (2)
  The Fox and the Mask
  The Fox and the Monkey (1)
  The Fox and the Monkey (2)
  The Fox and the Woodcutter
  The Fox Who Had Lost His Tail
  The Frogs Asking for a King
  The Frog's Complaint Against the Sun
  The Gamecocks and the Partridge
  The Geese and the Cranes
  The Gnat and the Bull
  The Gnat and the Lion
  The Goat and the Ass
  The Goat and the Goatherd
  The Goatherd and the Wild Goats
  The Goods and the Ills
  The Grasshopper and the Owl
  The Hare and the Hound
  The Hare and the Tortoise
  The Hares and the Foxes
  The Hares and the Frogs
  The Hares and the Lions
  The Hart and the Vine
  The Hawk and the Nightengale
  The Hawk, the Kite and the Pigeons
  The Heifer and the Ox
  The Hen and the Golden Eggs
  The Hen and the Swallow
  Hercules and the Waggoner
  The Herdsman and the Lost Bull
  The Horse and Groom
  The Horse and His Rider
  The Horse and the Ass
  The Horse and the Stag
  The Hunter and the Horseman
  The Hunter and the Woodman
  The Huntsman and the Fisherman
  The Image of Mercury and the Carpenter
  The Jackdaw and the Doves
  The Jackdaw and the Fox
  Jupiter and the Monkey
  Jupiter, Neptune, Minerva and Momus
  The Kid and the Wolf (1)
  The Kid and the Wolf (2)
  The Kingdom of the Lion
  The King's Son and the Painted Lion
  The Kites and the Swans
  The Laborer and the Snake
  The Lamb and the Wolf
  The Lamp
  The Lark and Her Young Ones
  The Lark Burying Her Father
  The Lion and the Boar
  The Lion and the Bull
  The Lion and the Dolphin
  The Lion and the Eagle
  The Lion and the Fox
  The Lion and the Hare
  The Lion and the Mouse
  The Lion and the Shepherd
  The Lion and the Three Bulls
  The Lion in a Farmyard
  The Lion in Love
  The Lion, Jupiter and the Elephant
  The Lion, the Bear and the Fox
  The Lion, the Fox and the Ass
  The Lion, the Mouse and the Fox
  The Lion, the Wolf and the Fox
  The Lioness
  The Man and His Two Sweethearts
  The Man and His Wife
  The Man and the Lion
  The Man and the Satyr
  The Man Bitten By a Dog
  The Man, the Horse, the Ox and the Dog
  The Manslayer
  The Master and His Dogs
  Mercury and the Sculptor
  Mercury and the Workmen
  The Mice and the Weasels
  The Mice in Council
  The Milk-Woman and Her Pail
  The Miller, His Son and Their Ass
  The Mischievous Dog
  The Miser
  The Mole and His Mother
  The Monkey and the Camel
  The Monkey and the Dolphin
  The Monkey and the Fishermen
  The Monkeys and Their Mother
  The Mother and the Wolf
  The Mountain in Labor
  The Mouse and the Bull
  The Mouse, the Frog and the Hawk
  The Mule
  The Mules and the Robbers
  The North Wind and the Sun
  The Oak and the Reeds
  The Oak and the Woodcutters
  The Oaks and Jupiter
  The Old Hound
  The Old Lion
  The Old Man and Death
  The Old Woman and the Physician
  The Old Woman and the Wine Jar
  The Olive-Tree and the Fig-Tree
  The One-Eyed Doe
  The Owl and the Birds
  The Ox and the Frog
  The Oxen and the Axle-Trees
  The Oxen and the Butchers
  The Panther and the Shepherds
  The Partridge and the Fowler
  The Peacock and Juno
  The Peacock and the Crane
  The Peasant and the Apple-Tree
  The Peasant and the Eagle
  The Philosopher, the Ants and Mercury
  The Piglet, the Sheep and the Goat
  The Playful Ass
  The Pomegranate, Apple-Tree and Bramble
  The Prophet
  The Quack Frog
  The Raven and the Swan
  The Rich Man and the Tanner
  The Rivers and the Sea
  The Rose and the Amaranth
  The Salt Merchant and His Ass
  The Seagull and the Kite
  The Seaside Travelers
  The Seller of Images
  The Serpent and the Eagle
  The She-Goats and Their Beards
  The Shepherd and the Dog
  The Shepherd and the Sea
  The Shepherd and the Sheep
  The Shepherd and the Wolf
  The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf
  The Shipwrecked Man and the Sea
  The Sick Kite
  The Sick Lion
  The Sick Stag
  The Sparrow and Hare
  The Spendthrift and the Swallow
  The Stag at the Pool
  The Stag in the Ox-Stall
  The Stag, the Wolf and the Sheep
  The Swallow and the Crow
  The Swallow, the Serpent and the Court of Justice
  The Swan and the Goose
  The Swollen Fox
  The Thief and His Mother
  The Thief and the Housedog
  The Thief and the Innkeeper
  The Thieves and the Cock
  The Thirsty Pigeon
  The Three Tradesmen
  The Thrush and the Fowler
  The Tortoise and the Eagle
  The Traveler and Fortune
  The Traveler and His Dog
  The Travelers and the Plane-Tree
  The Trees and the Axe
  The Trees Under the Protection of the Gods
  The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner
  Truth and the Traveller
  The Two Bags
  The Two Dogs
  The Two Frogs (1)
  The Two Frogs (2)
  The Two Men Who Were Enemies
  The Two Pots
  The Two Soldiers and the Robber
  The Two Travelers and the Axe
  The Twon Mouse and the Country Mouse
  The Vain Jackdaw
  The Vine and the Goat
  The Viper and the File
  The Walnut-Tree
  The Wasp and the Snake
  The Wasps, the Partridges and the Farmer
  The Weasel and the Mice
  The Widow and Her Little Maidens
  The Widow and the Sheep
  The Wild Ass and the Lion
  Wild Boar and the Fox
  The Wolf and the Crane
  The Wolf and the Fox
  The Wolf and the Goat
  The Wolf and the Horse
  The Wolf and the Housedog
  The Wolf and the Lamb
  The Wolf and the Lion (1)
  The Wolf and the Lion (2)
  The Wolf and the Sheep
  The Wolf and the Shepherd
  The Wolf and the Shepherds
  The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  The Wolf, the Fox and the Ape
  The Wolves and the Sheep
  The Wolves and the Sheepdogs
  The Woman and Her Hen
6th c. BC 64 787k eBook Download PDF - 'Fables' (CGAS001) Find a printed copy of Fables by Aesop at AbeBooks

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