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Edgar Lee Masters

a.k.a. Dexter Wallace *

Author Code: AELM

Born: Aug. 23, 1868 - Garnett, Kansas, USA

Died: Mar. 5, 1950 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Although born in Kansas, Masters grew up in Illinois, where he was educated at Petersburg and Lewistown. Rather than enter college, he studied law with his father and in 1893, established his own law partnership. He began to write essays and plays at this time, under the pseudonym of Dexter Wallace, while continuing to practice law. In 1903, he joined the law firm of Clarence Darrow, where he remained until 1911, when he again set up his own practice. In 1914, he began publishing a series of poems in Reedy's Mirror, which were subsequently collected the following year into Spoon River Anthology. The Anthology was an immediate success and became one of the most popular American books of its day. While Masters continued to write at a prodigious rate for the rest of his life, none of his subsequent works achieved the fame of Spoon River. His other main works include Songs and Satires (1916), The Great Valley (1916), Toward the Gulf (1918), Starved Rock (1919), Mitch Miller (1920), The Open Sea (1921), The New Spoon River (1924), Kit O'Brien (1927), The Fate of the Jury (1929), Lincoln: The Man (1931), The Serpent in the Wilderness (1933), Poems of the People (1936), The New World (1937), The Tide of Time (1937), More People (1939) and The Sangamon (1942).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
AELM003 Children of the Market Place 1922 177 839k eBook Download PDF - 'Children of the Market Place' (AELM003) Find a printed copy of Children of the Market Place by Edgar Lee Masters at AbeBooks
AELM004 Mitch Miller 1920 114 524k eBook Download PDF - 'Mitch Miller' (AELM004) Find a printed copy of Mitch Miller by Edgar Lee Masters at AbeBooks
AELM002 Spoon River Anthology
  A. D. Blood
  Aaron Hatfield
  Abel Melveny
  "Ace" Shaw
  Adam Weirauch
  Albert Schirding
  Alexander Throckmorton
  Alfonso Churchill
  Alfred Moir
  Amanda Barker
  Amelia Garrick
  Ami Green
  Amos Sibley
  Aner Clute
  Anne Rutledge
  Archibald Higbie
  Arlo Will
  Barney Hainsfeather
  Barry Holden
  Benjamin Fraser
  Benjamin Pantier
  Bert Kessler
  Blind Jack
  "Butch" Weldy
  Calvin Campbell
  Captain Orlando Killion
  Carl Hamblin
  Caroline Branson
  Cassius Hueffer
  Charlie French
  Chase Henry
  The Circuit Judge
  Clarence Fawcett
  Columbus Cheney
  Cooney Potter
  Daisy Fraser
  Daniel M'Cumber
  Davis Matlock
  Deacon Taylor
  Dillard Sissman
  Doc Hill
  Doctor Meyers
  Dora Williams
  Dorcas Gustine
  Dow Kritt
  E. C. Culbertson
  Edith Conant
  Editor Whedon
  Edmund Pollard
  Elijah Browning
  Elizabeth Childers
  Elliott Hawkins
  Elmer Karr
  Elsa Wertman
  Emily Sparks
  Enoch Dunlap
  Ernest Hyde
  Eugene Carman
  Ezra Bartlett
  Faith Matheny
  Father Malloy
  Felix Schmidt
  Fiddler Jones
  Fletcher McGee
  Flossie Cabanis
  Francis Turner
  Frank Drummer
  Franklin Jones
  George Gray
  George Trimble
  Georgine Sand Miner
  Godwin James
  Granville Calhoun
  Griffy the Cooper
  Gustav Richter
  Hamilton Greene
  Hamlet Micure
  Hannah Armstrong
  Hare Drummer
  Harlan Sewall
  Harmon Whitney
  Harold Arnett
  Harry Wilmans
  Henry C. Calhoun
  Henry Layton
  Henry Phipps
  Henry Tripp
  Herbert Marshall
  Hildrup Tubbs
  The Hill
  Hiram Scates
  Hod Putt
  Homer Clapp
  Hon. Henry Bennett
  Hortense Robbins
  Ida Frickey
  Imanuel Ehrenhardt
  "Indignation" Jones
  Ippolit Konovaloff
  Isaiah Beethoven
  J. Milton Miles
  Jack McGuire
  Jacob Godbey
  Jacob Goodpasture
  James Garber
  Jeduthan Hawley
  Jefferson Howard
  Jennie M'Grew
  Jim Brown
  John Ballard
  John Hancock Otis
  John Horace Burleson
  John M. Church
  John Wasson
  Johnnie Sayre
  Jonas Keene
  Jonathan Swift Somers (Author of the Spooniad)
  Joseph Dixon
  Josiah Tompkins
  Judge Somers
  Julia Miller
  Julian Scott
  Knowlt Hoheimer
  Lambert Hutchins
  Le Roy Goldman
  Lillian Stewart
  Louise Smith
  Lucinda Matlock
  Lucius Atherton
  Lydia Humphrey
  Lydia Puckett
  Lyman King
  Mabel Osborne
  Magrady Graham
  Many Soldiers
  Margaret Fuller Slack
  Mary McNeely
  Mickey M'Grew
  Minerva Jones
  Mrs. Benjamin Pantier
  Mrs. Charles Bliss
  Mrs. George Reece
  Mrs. Kessler
  Mrs. Merritt
  Mrs. Meyers
  Mrs. Purkapile
  Mrs. Sibley
  Mrs. Williams
  Nancy Knapp
  Nellie Clark
  Nicholas Bindle
  Oaks Tutt
  Ollie McGee
  Oscar Hummel
  Pauline Barrett
  Peleg Poague
  Penniwit, the Artist
  Percival Sharp
  Percy Bysshe Shelley
  Perry Zoll
  Petit, the Poet
  Professor Newcomer
  Ralph Rhodes
  Reuben Pantier
  Rev. Abner Peet
  Rev. Lemuel Wiley
  Richard Bone
  Robert Davidson
  Robert Fulton Tanner
  Roger Heston
  Roscoe Purkapile
  Rosie Roberts
  Roy Butler
  Russell Kincaid
  Russian Sonia
  Rutherford McDowell
  Sam Hookey
  Samuel Gardner
  Sarah Brown
  Searcy Foote
  Serepta Mason
  Seth Compton
  Shack Dye
  Silas Dement
  The Spooniad
  State's Attorney Fallas
  Tennessee Claflin Shope
  Theodore the Poet
  Thomas Rhodes
  Thomas Ross, Jr.
  Thomas Trevelyan
  Tom Beatty
  Tom Merritt
  The Town Marshal
  Trainor, the Druggist
  The Unknown
  The Village Atheist
  W. Lloyd Garrison Standard
  Walter Simmons
  Washington McNeely
  Webster Ford
  Wendell P. Bloyd
  Widow McFarlane
  Willard Fluke
  William and Emily
  William Goode
  William H. Herndon
  William Jones
  Willie Metcalf
  Willie Pennington
  Yee Bow
  Zenas Witt
  Zilpha Marsh
1915 220 508k eBook Download PDF - 'Spoon River Anthology' (AELM002) Find a printed copy of Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters at AbeBooks
AELM005 Starved Rock
  At Decapolis
  At Sagamore Hill
  The Barber of Sepo
  Bonnybell: the Butterfly
  Botticelli to Simonetta
  By the Waters of Babylon
  The Christian Statesman
  The Dream of Tasso
  Epitaph for Us
  Flower in the Garden
  For a Play
  The House on the Hill
  Hymn to Agni
  Hymn to the Dead
  I Shall Go Down Into This Land
  Inexorable Deities
  A Lady
  The Lament of Sophonia
  Lord Byron to Doctor Polidori
  Mournin' for Religion
  The Negro Ward
  Neither Faith Nor Beauty Can Remain
  Nel Mezzo Del Cammin
  The Oak Tree
  Oh You Sabbatarians!
  Pallas Athene
  To Robert Nichols
  Sounds out of Sorrow
  Spring Lake
  Starved Rock
  They'd Never Know Me Now
  Tyrannosaurus: or Burning Letters
  Washington Hospital
  The Wedding Feast
  Wild Birds
  William Shakspeare
  Winged Victory
  A Woman of Forty
  The World's Desire
1919 113 371k eBook Download PDF - 'Starved Rock' (AELM005) Find a printed copy of Starved Rock by Edgar Lee Masters at AbeBooks
AELM006 The Time of Ruby Robert 1940 6 116k eBook Download PDF - 'The Time of Ruby Robert' (AELM006)   Download ePub - 'The Time of Ruby Robert' (AELM006) Find a printed copy of The Time of Ruby Robert by Edgar Lee Masters at AbeBooks
AELM001 Toward the Gulf
  The Awakening
  Bertrand and Gourgaud Talk Over Old Times
  The Bishop's Dream of the Holy Sepulchre
  Black Eagle Returns to St. Joe
  The Blind
  Botanical Gardens
  Canticle of the Race
  Christmas At Indian Point
  Cities of the Plain
  Dear Old Dick
  Dialogue At Perko's
  Dr. Scudder's Clinical Lecture
  Draw the Sword, O Republic!
  The Eighth Crusade
  The End of the Search
  Excluded Middle
  Friar Yves
  Front the Ages with A Smile
  In the Garden At the Dawn Hour
  The Grand River Marshes
  Heaven is But the Hour
  "I Pay My Debt for Lafayette and Rochambeau"
  Johnny Appleseed
  Lake Boats
  The Landscape
  The Letter
  The Loom
  Mirage of the Desert
  My Light with Yours
  Poor Pierrot
  The Room of Mirrors
  Samuel Butler Et Al.
  Sir Galahad
  Something Beyond the Hill
  St. Deseret
  Sweet Clover
  To-morrow is My Birthday
  Toward the Gulf
  Victor Rafolski on Art
  Widow La Rue
  The World-Saver
1918 167 533k eBook Download PDF - 'Toward the Gulf' (AELM001) Find a printed copy of Toward the Gulf by Edgar Lee Masters at AbeBooks

Note: An Asterisk (*) after an author´s name signifies that this is a Pseudonym

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