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eBooks contained in ¨Education¨

eBook Code Title Author
OVAR009 Aikin,J. & Barbauld, Anna -Miscellaneous Pieces, In Prose
  On the Province of Comedy
  The Hill of Science, A Vision
  On Romances, An Imitation
  Selama; An Imitation of Ossian
  Against Inconsistency in Our Expectations
  Carter's Epictetus
  The Canal and the Brook; An Apologue
  On Monastic Institutions
  On the Pleasure Derived From Objects of Terror; with Sir Bertrand, A Fragment
  On the Heroic Poem of Gondibert
  An Enquiry Into Those Kinds of Distress Which Excite Agreeable Sensations
  Thoughts on the Devotional Taste, on Sects, and on Establishments
Various Authors
ECKX005 Alexandria and Her Schools
Charles Kingsley
EGKC052 As I Was Saying
  About Mad Metaphors
  About Loving Germans
  About Impenitence
  About Traffic
  About the Censor
  About Shamelessness
  About Puritanism
  About Sir James Jeans
  About Voltaire
  About Beliefs
  About Modern Girls
  About Poetry
  About Blondes
  About S.T.C.
  About the Past
  About Meredith
  About Political Creeds
  About Shirts
  About White Fronts
  About Impermanence
  About Morris
  About Widows
  About Relativity
  About Changing Human Nature
  About Historians
  About Bad Comparisons
  About Change
  About the Workers
  About Education
  About the Telephone
  About the Films
  About Darwinism
  About Shockers
  About Beggars and Soldiers
  About Sacrifice
  About Royal Weddings
G. K. Chesterton
EWBS002 As We Are and As We May Be
  The Endowment of the Daughter
  From Thirteen to Seventeen
  The People's Palace
  Sunday Morning in the City
  A Riverside Parish
  St. Katherine's by the Tower
  The Upward Pressure
  The Land of Romance
  The Land of Reality
  Art and the People
  The Amusements of the People
  The Associated Life
Walter Besant
ETHH001 Autobiography & Selected Essays
  On The Adviseableness of Improving Natural Knowledge
  On Coral and Coral Reefs
  A Liberal Education
  The Method of Scientific Investigation
  On The Physical Basis of Life
  On A Piece of Chalk
  The Principal Subjects of Education
Thomas Huxley
ATJX007 A Bill For the General Diffusion of Knowledge
Thomas Jefferson
AHHJ006 Bits About Home Matters
  The Inhumanities of Parents - Corporal Punishment
  The Inhumanities of Parents - Needless Denials
  The Inhumanities of Parents - Rudeness
  Breaking the Will
  The Reign of Archelaus
  The Awkward Age
  A Day with A Courteous Mother
  Children in Nova Scotia
  The Republic of the Family
  The Ready-to-Halts
  The Descendants of Nabal
  "Boys Not Allowed."
  Half an Hour in a Railway Station
  A Genius For Affection
  Rainy Days
  Friends of the Prisoners
  A Companion for the Winter
  Choice of Colors
  The Apostle of Beauty
  English Lodging-Houses
  Wet the Clay
  The King's Friend
  Learning to Speak
  Private Tyrants
  The Fine Art of Smiling
  Death-Bed Repentance
  The Correlation of Moral Forces
  A Simple Bill of Fare for a Christmas Dinner
  Children's Parties
  After-Supper Talk
  Hysteria In Literature
  Jog Trot
  The Joyless American
  Spiritual Teething
  Glass Houses
  The Old-Clothes Monger in Journalism
  The Country Landlord's Side
  The Good Staff of Pleasure
  Wanted - A Home
Helen Hunt Jackson
AAGH001 The Bright Child and the School
Anna Gillingham
ESBX006 Cambridge Pieces
  On English Composition and Other Matters
  Our Tour
  Translation From an Unpublished Work of Herodotus
  The Shield of Achilles, With Variations
  Prospectus of the Great Split Society
  A Skit of Examinations
  An Eminent Person
  Napoleon at St. Helena
  The Two Deans
  The Battle of Alma Mater
  On the Italian Priesthood
  Samuel Butler and the Simeonites
Samuel Butler
AGSH009 The Case of the Public Schools: the Witness of the Teacher
G. Stanley Hall
AWFB004 The Colossal Flunk
William F. Buckley Jr.
ACDW002 The Complete Essays
  A Night in the Garden of the Tuileries
  The Pursuit of Happiness
  Literature and the Stage
  The Life-Saving and Life Prolonging Art
  "H.H." in Southern California
  The English Volunteers During the Late Invasion
  Nathan Hale
  Fashions in Literature
  The American Newspaper
  Certain Diversities of American Life
  The Pilgrim, and the American of Today
  Some Causes of the Prevailing Discontent
  The Education of the Negro
  The Indeterminate Sentence - What Shall be Done With the Crimanl Class?
  Literary Copyright
  The Relation of Literature to Life
  What Is Your Culture to Me?
  Modern Fiction
  Thoughts Suggested by Mr. Froude's "Progress"
  The Novel and the Common School
  The People For Whom Shakespeare Wrote
  Rose and Chrysanthemum
  The Red Bonnet
  The Loss in Civilization
  Social Screaming
  Does Refinement Kill Individuality?
  The Directoire Gown
  The Mystery of the Sex
  The Clothes of Fiction
  The Broad A
  Chewing Gum
  Women in Congress
  Shall Women Propose?
  Frocks and the Stage
  Social Clearing-House
  Dinner-Table Talk
  The Art of Governing
  Love of Display
  Value of the Commonplace
  The Burden of Christmas
  The Responsibility of Writers
  The Cap and Gown
  A Tendency of the Age
  A Locoed Novelist
  Our President
  The Newspaper-Made Man
  Interesting Girls
  Give the Men a Chance
  The Advent of Candor
  The American Man
  The Electric Way
  Can a Husband Open His Wife's Letters?
  A Leisure Class
  Weather and Character
  Born With an "Ego"
  Juventus Mundi
  A Beautiful Old Age
  The Attraction of the Repulsive
  Giving as a Luxury
  Climate and Happiness
  The New Feminine Reserve
  Repose in Activity
  Women - Ideal and Real
  The Art of Idleness
  Is There Any Conversation?
  The Tall Girl
  The Deadly Diary
  The Whistling Girl
  Born Old and Rich
  The "Old Soldier"
  The Island of Bimini
Charles Dudley Warner
EEAG001 The Complete Plain Words
Ernest Gowers
ACPG006 Concerning Children
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
EHMR005 Considerations on Religion and Public Education
Hannah More
AELT001 The Contribution of Psychology to Education
Edward L. Thorndike
ORTX007 Creative Unity
  The Poet's Religion
  The Creative Ideal
  The Religion of the Forest
  An Indian Folk Religion
  East and West
  The Modern Age
  The Spirit of Freedom
  The Nation
  Woman and Home
  An Eastern University
Rabindranath Tagore
AJDX001 Democracy and Education
John Dewey
EBRX060 Education After the War
Bertrand Russell
EBRX067 Education as a Political Institution
Bertrand Russell
ASEB003 Education for the Bar in the United States
Simeon E. Baldwin
EJMX005 Of Education
John Milton
EHSX005 On Education
  What Knowledge is of Most Worth?
  Intellectual Education
  Moral Education
  Physical Education
Herbert Spencer
ABFX006 On Education
Benjamin Franklin
FJJR002 Emile
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ZGED070 Emperor William II as a National Type
  Employers and Employees
  Needed Improvement in the Conditions of the Working People
  The German Flag
  Needed Reform of the Prussian Schools
  Men of Brandenburg, We Are Meant for Big Things!
  The German Empire Has Duties Also Across the Sea!
  The New Port of Stettin
  The German Empire-oak
  Germany the Preserver of Peace
  The Importance of Inland Waterways
  Germany's Need of A Navy
  Technical Universities
  The Berlin Academy of Sciences
  Ideals of Student Life
  Our Future Lies on the Water
  True Art
  The German Folk-song
  Germany and North America
  A Christian Life
  Emperor Frederick, Patron of German Art
  The Larger Scope of the University of Berlin
  The Duties of A Naval Officer
  Advice to Young Students
Documents - Germany
EDDX014 An Essay Upon Projects
Daniel Defoe
ABFX002 Essays, Editorial & Commentary
  Over Two-Hundred Essays & Editorials
Benjamin Franklin
AWHS001 The Evolution of "Dodd"
William Hawley Smith
ZGED049 The Foundation of the University of Heidelberg
Documents - Germany

Note: An Asterisk (*) after an author´s name signifies that this is a Pseudonym

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